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The Deal with #Hashtags

There are three reasons to use a hashtag: to group things together with a unique identifier (so that clicking on a hashtag will bring up all the other tweets about that topic, examples: #loveoneanother, #changedlives), to insert a tweet into a conversation (examples: #sermon, #proverbs, #love), or to hop onto a trending topic. You can

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My Favorite Social Media Blogs

Some great websites on social media and communications: Mashable TechCrunch Fast Company Social Media Examiner UnSeminary Social Media Church Social Church Maximize Technology for Ministry Innovate for Jesus Christian Media Magazine Church Tech Today Church Mag Church Marketing Sucks   Some specific articles that may be helpful: 7 Things Every Pastor Should Do Every Week

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#Hashtags vs @Mentions: A Case Study

This week on I4J Live, our guest is former Mars Hill Church PR director Justin Dean. Since Mars Hill is even now a much-discussed topic, we wanted the social media posts for the show to be seen by as many people as possible. But isn’t that the hope of every post? :) As Lydia and

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Helpful Social Media Tools

This is my no means the end-all list of social media tools, but there are the tools that I’ve used over the years that might be helpful to you. I’m going to do a post on social media management sites later so Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, etc won’t be in this list. Have a tool you

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Facebook Photos Are Out, Videos Are In

A co-worker sent me this link today: Posting a photo is the worst way to get people to see your Facebook posts Are you surprised? I am surprised in that for the longest time everyone said photos, photos, photos! They’ll get shared more easily and have better reach! I’ve said that to people many times. And I will

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How to Get More Followers

There’s a weird myth that you should measure your success in social media by how many followers you have. (Read more about that here.) But anyone can buy followers. What you want are real followers. In fact you can see how many real followers you have on Twitter here or here. There’s nothing worse than

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Social Media Success

Success in social media is usually measured by the number of likes or follows. (Read more about that here.) But church social media is so much more than getting people to follow your page. You want to share the gospel and encourage believers with what you post. To do that you need to focus more on

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The Voice of Your Church

Churches are led by many different men and women, all with different voices and personalities. So how do you figure out the voice and personality of your church? Is your church social media voice funny? Is it causal? Is it formal? Is it all business? These are the questions you and the church staff you

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